What is a digital collection?

Our lives are increasingly taking place in digital spaces. That's why we want to give VfB fans the opportunity to digitally display their VfB-related products, experiences and memories. In principle, we are trying to create a mixture of sticker album, trophy cabinet and wardrobe. This means you can access your personal VfB history at any time and don't have to search for it in your boxes in the cellar or your wardrobe. But you can still do that if you want. (If you find a jersey from '97, please let us know, we'd be interested).
As the first digital collection, we have published our player trading cards 23/24. With the jersey collectibles, we are expanding this collection by bringing current and legendary jerseys from VfB history to our platform. In the future, we will add further virtual 3D objects from the archives of our long and successful history. Your collection will gradually be filled with historical and personal VfB items. You can swap certain collectibles (e.g. trading cards) with other fans on the platform - but not the jersey collectibles.

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